The Team


Our purpose: Together we create value through places where communities thrive

Lendlease creates unique places that leave a positive legacy and inspire and enrich
the lives of people around the world.

How We Create the Best Places

Very few organizations can build cities from scratch, including the infrastructure to connect people, with skills to design, develop, fund, build and manage, but Lendlease can. Lendlease has been doing this for many years – creating places that galvanize communities and infrastructure that supports and connects people. We help shape city skylines, create iconic structures, breathe new life into forgotten precincts and create places and spaces for generations to enjoy.

Exciting Times. Positive Legacies

As the world keeps growing, tomorrow’s opportunities become more exciting. Lendlease is accelerating innovation to produce the latest award-winning sustainable buildings and communities, showcasing the next generation technology and designs. As we look ahead, city landscapes will be changing at a faster rate but we will continue to do what we’ve always done – play our role in helping to create the best places for future generations.